Zero Time FW 2012 IVANOVA

Lena Ivanova in IVANOVA's a/w 2012 collection called "Zero Time" demonstrated the global trend "vegabond"

Main Inspiration was Apocalyptic times and the end of civilization.

Raw edges and cuts, "naturally" contaminated tissue, "day"

Color palette and rough texture, negligance ang willfully negligent  - all signs of the trend were skillfully displayed in the new designer collections.

Style of collection was built on contrasts: feminine silk dress, bright orange cocktail dresses, chiffon blouses, skirta and pastel colors with lace and frills (think for Beauty) was complemented by surround outer clothing for warmth.

Images was closed with bright accessories underlined stylisation hand-made: rope-belts and massive chains, clamps and shwls, wreathed leather and hand made knitwear. It seems, that "zero time " designer wait with optimism: even the girls in those times remain fashionista and wearing silk dress and necklace, and most  importantly - seeking to continue the human race.

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Knitting warm raglan with white collar IVANOVA "Girl-next-door"
Waistcoat on sintepone IVANOVA "Girl-next-door"
Knitting warm raglan with pachwork IVANOVA "Girl-next-door"
Knitting warm raglan IVANOVA "Girl-next-door"
Zero Time FW 2012 IVANOVA
Dress with flounces
Black dress with white collar
Cambric dress, vest
Cambric skirt
Chiffon maxi skirt, scarf

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Sewn by Wist Mazy Templar

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